Green Section

Our commitment

Romco is going green to promote sustainable development of our natural resources by reducing its environmental footprint. Romco helps its customers to purchase products more environmentally preferable by offering a wide range of green products.

Certifications and logos


Green Seal is an important North-American developer of life cycle-based sustainability standards. They offer certification for companies, products and services that meets their requirement standards such as ISO 14020-14024 (Organization for Standardization), which ensures customer that the product or service has less impact on the environment during their entire life cycle assessment.


EcoLogo is Canada's most respected environmental standard and certification mark. This eco-label compares products within the same category throughout their entire lifecycle using scientifically rigorous standards.


FSC is an international labeling system that certifies that wood, paper and other forest products comes from a responsible and sustainable management forest.


This independent certification is a program that promotes renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reductions.


This label indicates that at any time the manufacturing process and bleaching is free of chlorine chemistry.


Ingeo is a synthetic fiber made from corn as it's processed through fermentation and separation to create a polyactid resin witch is compostable and can be used to produce plastics goods and many others.


Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) logo certifies that a product is compostable as it has undergone rigorous tests conducted in laboratories. BPI is a not-for-profit and independent organization who has launched a compostable label program. ASTM D6400 certification from the American Society for Testing and Materials certify that plastic products are compostable in commercial composting facilities. ASTM D6868 certification applies to laminated paper, plant starch, bagasse and guarantee compostability of these products.